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Tree Removal Checklist

Removing a tree from your yard is no easy job. Tree removal companies need have to have a wealth of experience, training, and certification in order to properly assess and complete the job. Here is a list of of questions you will want to ask the tree service company if you are planning on removing a tree

  • Certifications - Most tree service companies are members of professional organizations or hold professional certifications such as Certified Arborist or Certified Tree Work. Ask the company for proof of any certifications, which an experienced company should have readily available
  • Insurance - Proper proof of insurance is an absolute must. A number of errors could occur when removing a tree, which need to be covered by insurance. Examples include trees falling on a neighbor's house or car, or even falling on your own house. In addition, state laws typically require the tree removal company to have insurance
  • Cost - Obtain a written quote detailing all of the required work. Also be sure to contact at least a couple of different tree removal companies so that you can compare quotes between contractors

Hiring a tree removal company is a very big job so make sure you do your research and ask the proper questions in order to get the best price as well as a result that is safe and expected.

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